Founded in 2017, the Peter Weibel Research Institute for Digital Cultures constitutes an interdisciplinary platform investigating the exchanges between art, science, and culture. Based upon the endowment of the Peter Weibel archive to the University of Applied Arts including more than 1.150 exhibits as well as his library, the institute mediates between artistic and scientific research and raises critical inquiries surrounding the future of the digital age and the concomitant social responsibility. The institute seeks to process the ongoing transformations of technological progress and aims for establishing itself as a focal point for the discussion of newly emerging forms of life and consciousness.

At the moment, there are three ongoing research projects in the form of doctoral theses. The projects are rooted in theory as well as practice and encompass topics like artificial intelligence, biotechnology and bioethics, the history of science and technology, and virtual reality.

Moreover, the Peter Weibel Research Institute for Digital Cultures considers itself as a point of intersection between academic research and public discourse. Lectures, conferences, and discussions are taking a place at regular intervals in order to carry out academic knowledge to the public sphere and encourage interdisciplinary discourses about the future of art, science, and society as a whole.

Head of Institute

emer. o. Univ.-Prof. Peter Weibel

Scientific staff

Sen. Sc. Dr. phil. Ulrike Möntmann

Sen. Sc. Mag. art. Michael Loizenbauer

Sen. Sc. Mag. arch. Valerie Messini

Sen. Sc. Sophie Publig, BA MA

Administrative staff

Ulrike Rieger